We help startups grow faster with non-dilutive growth capital

We noticed how large companies were extending their payment terms to 60, 90, 120 and even 150 days. A lot of our friends at startups were complaining about these payment terms, and how the current options to get paid earlier were complicated, tedious and outdated.

We thought that there was a better and easier way, so we launched VendorTerm.

We provide startups with a new alternative to venture capital and debt financing. Startups can finally use their AR and invoices to grow faster, and without any equity dilution.

Simply submit an invoice to invoices@vendorterm.com to receive our free offer to purchase any of your outstanding invoices. We then pay you on Net 2 terms - it’s that easy.

“Would you rather give up 5% of your company or 5% of your invoices to fuel future growth? We help you maintain your current equity with our non-dilutive growth capital by purchasing your invoices.”

Ben Kosinski, Founder

Team & Advisors

  • Patrick Woloveck
  • Taylor Perry
  • Ed Burnett
  • Joe Coyne
    Studio VC
  • Strauss Zelnick
    Take-Two Interative
    Chairman of CBS
  • Nick Brien
    Former CEO Dentsu Aegis
  • Dan Kosinski
    Director of ABS & CLO Medalist Partners
  • Maex Ament
  • David Beckerman
    Starter Corporation
  • Saul Cardenas
    Common Fund
  • Alex Rodgers
    Director of Finance
  • Brian Mommsen
    Managing Director
    Mommsen Tactical Trading
  • Danny Saltzman
    National Sales
  • Tom Harris
    Former CFO
    Time Warner