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How it works

We purchase your outstanding invoices, paying you in as little as two days.
Basically, we provide non dilutive growth capital to help grow your business on your terms.
Get Paid on Your Terms
Simply submit an invoice above or email We’ll respond with any questions and our bid, paying you in as little as two days.
We Buy Your Invoice
The payor pays us instead of you; let us worry about geting paid.
We’re Founder Friendly
We're a company that is built by founders, for founders. We'll work with you to become your growth partner, providing a simple, transparent and fair solution.

What tech startups and agencies are saying

"When I signed millions of dollars worth of contracts with big customers, I needed to hire a larger sales and engineering team. Due to our fast growth, I didn't want to give up equity to venture capital investors and dilute myself; instead, I used VendorTerm to fuel our growth with non dilutive growth capital that helped us hit our milestones."
Justin Wright
Founder & CEO of Qotient
“We have a number of big customers who pay us with varying extended payment terms. We have been working to solve for the ability to access the future, unrealized revenue from these relationships on a pre-determined date. VendorTerm simplified these fragmented payments into a single, monthly transaction. Instead of raising more traditional capital, this non dilutive growth capital solution allowed us to grow faster, and on our terms."
Carisa Miklusak
Founder & CEO of Tilr
“As founder & CEO of a Saas startup, we sometimes have invoice payment terms as far out as 3, 6 or even 9 months. We need to grow quickly and capture our growth opportunities as they present themselves; we use VendorTerm to provide us with immediate liquidity on our invoices. It’s super easy and it allows me to stay focused and on our business”
Sean Thorne
Founder & CEO of People Data Labs
“As CEO of a digital agency, we need to grow quickly and scale on demand. We use VendorTerm to provide us with immediate liquidity on our invoices to help us capture these growth opportunities. VendorTerm is super easy and it allows me to stay focused on our business”
Paul Miser
Founder & CEO of Chinatown Bureau

I’m a supplier

We partner with corporations, payment platforms and service providers so that they can offer our platform as an alternative payment solution to their vendors and clients.
Let us Manage and Pay Your Smaller, Numerous Vendors
Overwhlemed by all of the startups and agencies trying to get paid faster? Let us manage and pay them.
No Integration Necessary
Introduce your smaller, numerous vendors to our external platform where we pay them on Net 2.
Extend Cash Flow
Reduce Admin Costs
You receive an additional 30 days to pay us and we manage all of your smaller vendors.